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My background is split between the creative and SaaS industries. I first started managing a distributed team in 2014, for a global SaaS company. I didn't want those in different offices from me to be second-class citizens so I set about figuring out how to create what we'd now call a remote-first model.

In 2020 the CEO closed all offices globally, permanently and we needed to figure out how to go remote-first. My combination of experience, vision, and execution saw me leading the Future of Work strategy at the company.

A published author, experienced SaaS leader, coach and consultant, I have spent my entire career dancing at the intersection of humanity and technology.

I have developed The Remote Team Operating System and a program alongside it to help leaders transform their teams into a flexible model that delivers both business results and a great environment for employees. The Operating System can be used by onsite, hybrid, or remote companies - the whole point is to take location out of the equation.

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The Remote Team Operating System

Productive, engaged remote/hybrid teams run on the Remote Team OS

Increase revenue

Create a more productive and profitable team by focusing on what is most important

Keep top talent

Attract and retain top talent by giving them what they want: flexibility, autonomy, trust

Reduce stress

Build confidence that your team is running smoothly without constant supervision

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