Transforming your tech team into a high-performance flexible model that people love

↑↑ Increase profitability

↑↑ Increase productivity

↑↑ Increase engagement

↓↓ Reduce overheads

↓↓ Reduce turnover

↓↓ Reduce burnout

✅ Startups

✅ Scaleups

✅ SMBs

About me

I'm Simon Holmes. I've been leading technical and delivery teams since the mid-2000's.

I partner with founders and leaders to get teams unstuck and back to being highly engaged and high performing. By aligning teams, strategies and business goals I help tech companies get to product and profitability faster.

As a thought leader in the Future of Work - and ex Director of Future of Work Strategy for a global SaaS company - I specialise in distributed teams.

I am a trusted leader and published technical author with 20+ years driving innovation and process improvement through strategic vision, creative problem-solving, collaborative relationships, and cultivating high-performing teams.

I have proven abilities in communicating complex concepts to broad audiences coupled with a unique blend of technical and business acumen.

Head and torso photograph of Simon Holmes, wearing a black suit jacket over a white t-shirt

Fractional Engineering & Operations Leadership

Removing the engineering leadership and operations workload from your busy shoulders

Get to profit faster

Accelerate delivery to get to profitability faster

Unlock your team

Deliver more with your existing team and resources

Align all teams

Keep focus by aligning tech teams with business goals

Reclaim your time

Replace heavy management burden with health metrics

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The Remote Team Operating System

Productive, engaged remote/hybrid teams run on the Remote Team OS

Increase revenue

Create a more productive and profitable team by focusing on what is most important

Keep top talent

Attract and retain top talent by giving them what they want: flexibility, autonomy, trust

Reduce stress

Build confidence that your team is running smoothly without constant supervision

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