Productive, engaged remote teams run on the Remote Team OS

The Remote Team OS is a proven system for running a high-performance remote/hybrid team that people love.

Simple. Flexible. Comprehensive.

It takes the headache out of managing distributed teams.

We have different programs to help you succeed with the OS.

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Barbara Turley

It's SO great to see the real issue finally becoming clear - the issue is not office versus remote or distributed - the issue is the operating systems that enable it. Bravo Simon. This is needed.

Trying to decide if The Remote Team OS is for you?


Who, specifically, is this program for?

The Remote Team OS is for leaders and managers who want a highly productive, connected, and collaborative team in a remote or hybrid model.

If you want to cut your office costs but worry about how to manage a remote team, this program is for you.

If your distributed team are becoming overwhelmed and you're worried about losing them, this program is for you.

If you want to attract and retain top talent by offering remote work, this program is for you.


Who should NOT buy this program?

If you already have a framework for running a highly effective remote team, this program is probably not for you.

This program is focused building a new operating model for your team, and applying the mindset shifts needed for remote-first work and leadership. This program is not a "done for you" service, as the outcome is unique for you and your team. It is focused on helping you create the ideal system for your team using the frameworks within the OS.

Major benefits of the Remote Team OS

Increase revenue

Create a more productive and profitable team by focusing on what is most important

Keep top talent

Attract and retain top talent by giving them what they want: flexibility, autonomy, trust

Reduce stress

Build confidence that your team is running smoothly without constant supervision

Unlock the Operating System

Digital Course


The management training you never had

  • Focused videos covering each part of the Operating System
  • Lifetime access including updates
  • 10(+1) section remote-first Team Charter template
  • Guidance through the 12-point process of the program
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1:1 Coaching


Take the learning and make it real

  • 12 week coaching program
  • Weekly 1:1 call with Simon
  • Full recordings + transcript + summary of each call
  • Additional support for the following 12 weeks
  • Comprehensive team charter for your team
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Coaching + Consulting

From $25,000

Same as coaching, plus

  • Simon to co-create strategy & help drive the change
  • Monthly team call/workshop with Simon
  • 1:1 coaching session for up to 10 team members with Simon
  • Team charter by your team for your team
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What's inside

Everything in the Operating System becomes galvanised in a team charter, specific to you and your team. The modules help guide you through crafting your charter and transforming your team operations.


Module 1: Baseline stats: know where you are

Discovering the stats and metrics to get a temperature check on your team engagement as well as your levels of trust and confidence.

Understanding just how much meetings are draining productivity and profitability. 


Module 2: Creating clarity with intentionality and goals

Get started with the team charter by leading with intention.

Defining the Purpose, Values, and Direction sections for (and with) your team. 


Module 3: Managing to outcomes

Learn how to avoid both the "busy trap" and rewarding visibility by shifting to a Results-Oriented Work Environment.

Make a start on the Workflow and Rhythm sections of your charter.


Module 4: Reporting and metrics

Getting into the difference between metrics and targets, and defining the business, process and team metrics that are best for you.

Creating the Metrics section and adding to the Workflow section of the charter.


Module 5: Creating time by going async-first

Powerful, powerful module. Leverage the power of focused, deep work. Get more done while staying connected.

Working on these sections of your charter: Information & communication, Meetings, Workflow.


Module 6: Collaboration

Remote work is not the end of collaboration. Learn how it's quite the opposite when you use the Remote Team OS.

Working on the Workflow and Information & communications section of your charter.


Module 7: Autonomy

Learn how to balance responsibility with authority and accountability across the team. Leading without controlling is critical in a remote-first team.

Defining the Authority section of your charter.


Module 8: Trust

Uncover the secrets of building your trust in the team, your team's trust in you, and your team's trust in each other.

Getting started on the Health part of your charter and updating the Values section.


Module 9: Connections

Don't let remote work lead to a disconnected team.

Work on the Membership and Rhythm sections of your team charter to define how you keep connected.


Module 10: Pinpoint pain points

What is preventing you from doing your best work? A question for the team, and not just a one-time question either.

Health and Rhythm are the charter sections we focus on here.


Module 11: Engaging and growing your team

The only constant is change, especially when it comes to people, teams, and careers.

Keeping people engaged, challenged, and growing doesn't need to be hard. The Health and Membership sections of your charter will give you the framework you need.


Module 12: Next steps: building the Future of Work

This is not the end, it is the beginning. The future is never here. What we cover here will have you defining your team continues to evolve.

Finalise this first draft of your charter with the Direction and Rhythm sections.

To round things off, compare against the baselines stats from module one and check in on your productivity metrics.

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