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Simon helps tech companies get to product and profitability faster by getting engineering teams unstuck and aligning teams, strategies, and business goals.

Services I can help with

Team Leadership & Management

  • Directly lead and manage engineering teams (and teams of teams), including hiring, onboarding, and mentoring.
  • Provide support for the career development and performance management of engineers.
  • Ensure the engineering teams are healthy, productive, and high-performing.
  • Lead engineering hiring, recruitment processes, and onboarding.
  • Oversee team budget and resource allocation.

Process Improvement & Operational Excellence

  • Foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Define engineering best practices and ensure they are followed.
  • Change management and organisational restructuring.
  • Implement scalable processes and define SOPs.
  • Set visible health metrics and KPIs.

Technology & Innovation Strategy

  • Communicate technical direction and strategy to stakeholders, including senior leadership and non-technical teams.
  • Lead technology strategy and make decisions on technical architecture and tools.
  • Advise on integrating emerging technologies like Web3, AI, and blockchain.
  • Innovation strategy and competitive positioning.

Roadmap Planning & Execution

  • Product roadmap planning and alignment with business objectives.
  • Setting and prioritising specifications for new features and initiatives.
  • Aligning technical, product, and design teams to meet project deadlines.
  • Collaborate with various teams, including product, design, and other departments, to ensure the successful execution of projects.

"Driven by a passion for innovation, I've gained a reputation as a trusted technical leader who connects all aspects of business."

Robert Coverdale

Simon brings a leadership quality that transcends his technical background, cutting through distractions in a way that has helped keep us on track more times than I can count.

Luc Trimouille

Simon excels at transferring knowledge with peers, colleagues and executive leaders. Simon systematically demonstrates respectful honesty, accountability and ownership.

Alan Oprawko

Simon has led multiple initiatives that improved our engineering processes, allowed us to utilise public cloud more often and also worked towards a greater working environment.

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